In need of a little Spring break?

I know I certainly am sick sick sick of cold weather. I really am wanting to break out the ol' black flip flops (and the turquoise ones...and the yellow ones... and the green ones...)

To tide me over until true spring time, I am really looking forward to a get-away coming up in a few weeks. I wanted to let my readers in on a little deal, and see if any of y'all wanted to join me!

I'm going to be teaching at the Twelve Fridays Weekend Celebration in Gatlinburg, TN. Heidi & Heather sent me this the other day:

That is a smokin' hot deal!

You can see my blog posts about it last year here and here.

I cannot wait!

It was super refreshing, relaxing, and inspiring. I absolutely enjoyed my time as a teacher & as a student. Leave me a comment if you have any questions, or email heather @ heatherpreckel at gmail dot com.

I'll be teaching two layout classes this year, for a total of six layouts. I'll be posting some sneak peeks of them very, very soon. :) I'm doing a little AccuCut action, some Silhouette stuff, some techniques here and there, and of course, using some good ol' sheet music.

It wouldn't be a Virginia layout if I didn't throw something vintagey on there, now would it? ;)


  1. Have fun V!!! I so wanted to do this this year, even had it all figured to be my x-mas present from the family...but then I realized I'd still have a nursing baby...who has suddenly decided to refuse a bottle...so there's no way! :(

  2. Aw man! That stinks! Oh well- you will only have that sweet time with her for a short period in your life... better soak it all up while you can!

    Ariana is weaned already; I just couldn't keep it up + supplementing + 3 other kiddos... this will be the first time I leave her. Yikes!

  3. Virginia, I can't wait to see the pictures of your girls in their new hats!!!!!! :)


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