The Cadillac of Bikes

Poor baby girl has been battling the sickies big time: she's got bronchialitis, and an ear infection. Would you believe this is the first ear infection for our household?!

I'm really hoping it doesn't become a trend.

Even when she's sick, though, she's still fairly content & happy- which almost makes it even more pathetic to me. Poor baby girl.

(hat from Heartsmiles.etsy.com - I'll have some more pics of my cuties in these tomorrow!)


In scrappy stuff:

I love to do sketches in my free time, when I have lots of ideas floating through my head, but I don't have time to sit down and scrap.

You know, like when I'm sitting and feeding the baby... or listening in church. I know, bad!! It really does help me concentrate, though! :)

Here is a sketch from my sketchbook:

and here is how I interpreted it with the new Scripts kit!

I would LOVE to see how you interpret this sketch! Rotate it, make it your own- and then link it back here! :)


  1. what a cute hat, and baby! Hope she feels better soon.

  2. awww, she is adorable in that sweet hat! can't wait to see more! I love your sketch! I may borrow that one, if that is OK? :)

  3. V! The sketch is AWESOME! I love your layout too!

  4. I love your baby girl's hat- I hope she gets feeling better soon. Two of my girls have had fevers and a nasty cough all weekend. Great sketch, too, and your layout is awesome as always.

  5. Took me a little while but here's my take on your fun sketch:


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