Happy Valentine's Day!

Our day started off with a bang... we discovered Atticus & Sabriel eating some "candy."

Unfortunately, the "candy" were actually little M&M shaped laxatives! Hooray!

They each only ate one, and so far, we haven't had any, ahem, really bad results, but I stayed home with the littles while Shaun & Em went on to church.

I figured I'd blog a little of my Valentine's decorations here for you, while we wait for them to get home.

I used my Silhouette machine to cut out these hearts in different sizes, and then embellished them. I added them to strips of tulle & ribbon.

I also added a few Dollar Tree glittery snowflake ornaments from Christmas time.
(All made from the Object of my Affection kit!)

I also bought one of those cute little mailboxes from the Target Dollar Spot and embellished it. I know, it's been done a million times- it still doesn't mean that they aren't cute! ;)

I layered a Pink Paislee press-on rub-on on top of one of the little round journaling spots in the kit. I love how you can see the design on the journaling spot come through the sheer design of the rub on.

All of the supplies for these came from the Noel Mignon "Object of My Affection" kit (sold out).

Hope you have a lovely Valentine's day!


  1. Oh goodness- so sorry the kiddos found THAT 'candy' LOL- i'm sure it'll be OK not to worry!
    i LOVE your mailbox- just adorable!
    i nominated you for a Kreative Blogger award- the deets are on my blog- i know it can be lots of work to sometimes deal with these awards- so just know that I thought of you as one of my very top fave inspo blogs and you are welcome to post the award pic on your blog! {{GIANT HUGS}} Happy V Day! :)

  2. adorable!! i love the dangling hearts and yes, the mailbox has been done - but dang, yours is cute! i have one i bought last year and it's still plain and in a drawer!

  3. I am LOLing about the laxatives!!! And such a cute heart hanging. You are rockin' your silhouette!

  4. OMGoodness hope the rest of the day went well with Atticus and Sabriel. You're making me want a silhouette! Those hearts are too cute!

  5. LOVE your style of creativity!!! Truly you are gifted! I cannot wait to see more creations! Also thought the laxative story was quite hilarious!


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