Baby Hanger

My friend Kim is expecting her first girl in exactly one week from today.

They have three boys, so to say that this is kind of a big deal for them is a bit of an understatement.

We have already arranged marriages between our children. I mean, does it REALLY matter if her oldest is 5 years older than his betrothed? ;) Or, you know, that they might not want to marry each other. Mere trifles. hee hee

Anyways, I made this little sign for her to hang on her baby girl's room, out of the Noel Mignon Paper Doll kit (sold out) and a hanger from the Dollar Spot at Target.

Buying that Martha Stewart butterfly punch has proved to be one of my best scrapbooking investments.

Also, the Silhouette Machine- dude. That thing rocks. This little banner was made from another banner set they have; I just ungrouped it, resized it, and had a cute mini banner.


  1. girl i bought some of those hangers too in case i needed it....thanks for the inspo...oh and i bough the belt hanger too trying to figure out what i am going to do with that as well...

    yay for a girl...congrats to her

  2. I thought of buying some of those hangers and didn't kicking myself now --- love it all - and don't you love your machine!!


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