3 months. Really?

Her eyes look kind of strange in this pic because my flash scared her a bit... woops!

Lil' Miss Chubs had her 3 month "birthday" today. I cannot believe it's already been 3 months!!

She is not entirely sleeping through the night yet, but that is mostly my fault. I get so nervous about her waking the entire household that I jump up at the slightest sound from her. This week I have started mindfully working on that. She is already sleeping much longer.

We tried her out in the Bumbo seat for the first time the other day. I couldn't believe that she is already at a stage where she can sit in it for small periods of time! She hates "tummy time" (which is strange for me, as all my other kids loved to be on their bellies), but loves to lie on her back and kick around. And she's very chill. ;)


  1. aww...so sweet! The time does fly doesn't it? She's going to be up and around and getting into stuff in no time! (umm...I'm not ready for that yet! lol) Good luck with the sleeping.

  2. What a doll! I love her heart dress and that pink hat! Such a sweetheart!

  3. love the ones by the tree. it reminds me of when sawyer loved to lay by the tree and look at the lights when he was a baby. the last chill one is great too


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