It felt SO nice last night to sit down and play with the new Noel Mignon Paper Doll kit (which is now sold out!). Don't get me wrong- I love me some Christmas- but I was ready for a change!

I love the Shimmerz Blingz that came in the kit. They are super easy to use and add a lovely sparkle to my pages! I just used a q-tip to brush on the paint onto my flower. Make sure you shake up the little tub before using to ensure that all the color is mixed together! I realized last night that I hadn't scrapped too many pages of baby girl yet, and I believe it's because I'm feeling rather melancholy that she very well could be our last baby. It's very bittersweet for me to think about.

We haven't shut the door on the possibility of more babies- yet- but we'd both been strongly leaning in that direction. I'm not sure if my melancholy is due to the fact that I've been in "baby-making-mode" for the last four years and the idea of change is just intimidating, or if I'm really not done with babies.

Either way, I think now that I've gotten some of those feelings out on paper, it'll be easier for me to scrap all of Ariana's sweet moments, without feeling so sad and nostalgic about them.

Sorry for the kind of downer today, but just trying to keep it real, folks!


  1. This is a beautiful layout!

    I don't mind you being real at all.

    The thought of her being your last little one has to be difficult to swallow.

    No matter what you decide...I hope you find more peace, joy, happiness, and love with all your beautiful children in the New Year!

  2. Oh, how I LOOOOVE this page, V!!! You know how to RAWK a Noel Mignon kit . . . every single time! ;)

    I know how you are feeling, girl! About the last baby and all. ;) I think that it is an emotion a mom feels no matter when that final decision comes. I know Cam is my last. And because of that I think I soak in all the baby/toddler/preschooler moments even more. Because they are the "last" ones. Babies are such special little spirits and it's hard to imagine your home without one of them. :)

    For me, now that my oldest daughter is 11. I realize that we are probably halfway to her getting married (or roundabouts). Now I just worry that she'll be grown and gone before I know it, so I try to cherish ALLLL their growing up moments. Sheesh! Before *I* know it, she'll be married and having children of her own. YIKES!!! Well, atleast I can play with babies again, then. :)

    HUGS to you!!!

  3. i love that you always keep it real V!! Love the layout - and the baby girl is too darn cute!! i know i only have one kiddo so i can't really understand how you feel since it's been that way for so long!! but i do remember vaguely what it was like when jason decided one was enough (about five seconds after Cole was born) but it took my about two years to except it and decide he was right. those two years weren't really fun thinking that cole wouldn't have a sibling to share life with or to share the burden of his old parents one day. it was hard but later (when cole was diagnosed) i really felt like i understood why God put it in our hearts that one was enough. while the grandparents might not have liked it, we knew 100% that we made the right decision. there have been times we wondered what if - but hey, you can what if forever and it changes nothing. anyway - just wanted to say i sort of understand and hope that at some point (hopefully sooner than later) you'll really feel at peace with whatever you guys decide. :D love ya!!

  4. Thank you friends for your sweet words. I really appreciate the encouragement and understanding! :)

  5. Lol, not sure there's anything left to say the other gals haven't already said....besides that it gives me peace to know if that I "choose" something and God knows better he will still get his way (either way! lol)

    LOVE the LO. So sweet. I was just realizing the other day I've not done many of Grace either...

  6. I am a huge believer in REAL. I hate FAKE. No more children has been an internal struggle for me for a long time. I do wonder if every woman goes through this. I know I have 5... but how do you give up the miracle of a newborn? Well when they hit 2 it does help.

  7. Love the layout. Just gorgeous. I've been having the same thoughts. We have a perfect symmetry in our family now and we certainly can't afford another baby, but I didnt make the decision when I had our last so I am sad about never seeing all the firsts again. It is such a thrill to watch them learn to walk and talk. I know there will be many exciting big kid moments too, but I forgot to let go of worrying about lack of sleep and just enjoy the moments of holding and snuggling.


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