Fall Cleaning Week!

I don't know about y'all, but my house is in desperate need of some extra care & attention.

This pregnancy was probably my hardest one; not in terms of physical condition per se, but just in the fact that I was super tired with being pregnant + taking care of 3 littles... by the end of the day, I considered it a success if I'd gotten the dishes washed and the bed made. That was about the extent of cleaning that got done on a regular basis.

At this point, my home needs some deep cleaning in a few spots, some straightening up, and some decluttering- especially before the holidays!

I know a few friends of mine that said they were in a similar state, so we are doing a blog-along this week to help keep us motivated. I hope you decide to join in!

Here's what I'm doing:

  • make a plan each day to be for each room or cleaning/decluttering project.
  • take before & after pics and post 'em on your blog each night, along with which room you are doing the next day.
  • come back to my blog and post your blog entry to a linky thing (this way you can check out everyone elses' progress to keep ya motivated too!)
  • join in, even if you can only do something for 15 min. (EVERYONE can spare 15 minutes of straightening, throwing out something, cleaning up something, etc. and you'll feel so much better for it!)
  • keep in mind- this is not a competition. this is not going to earn your righteousness or give you the "woman (or man!) of the year award"! this is just a chance to tackle a few projects around home with the encouragement of friends.
  • BEWARE: don't get sucked into the deadly disease of Magazine Cover-itis! ;)

Today's task for me:

I'm going to do some cleaning in our dining room. I have my old roll top desk in there that has become a junk collector, and our coat closet (the only storage closet in our whole house) is becoming a danger zone every time I try to open the door. I'm going to work on those- after I take the two kiddos to their doctor's check ups today. We'll see what I can get done during nap time!

I'll be back tonight to update this post with before & after pics.

Post here when you join in (and feel free to snag the image up above and post to your blog too)!


  1. what an awesome idea! i always have some spot that needs attention- and my scrap stuff is still a disaster! with school schedule in full swing, i'm lucky to keep up with just dishes & a clean uniform everyday LOL!
    will see what i can work in! thanks for the push!

  2. How funny. Today I woke up with the full intention of tackling some of the stuff in my home. My goal is cleaning the upstairs bathroom and the boys room. Wish me luck!

  3. I'm in - i'll be working on it everyday - i hope!!

  4. Such a great idea. My house is in *desperate* need of some cleaning and decluttering. And with Olivia's illness over the last week it's gotten worse. Hopefully she gets better so I can do some cleaning, too!!

  5. hey virginia good luck with the cleaning..i need to clean my room and the rest of the apartment but projects and 2 jobs await..lol..hope it goes well for you

  6. I have to laugh that you posted that link to the MagazineCoveritis...I totally just read that a few days ago!!!

  7. I feel like you did (tired out) with just 2--I cant imagine trying to clean with 4 little people around! But I did deal with some kitchen straightening this morning.


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