Day Three- Laundry Room

(If you haven't read this post, it kinda explains what I'm doing this week. Make sure to go there to link yourself up too!)

I told y'all to come looking for me last night if I didn't post, because that means the laundry monster got me! It was a close one, a fight to the death, but I managed to escape.

Our laundry room is right off of the kitchen. It's this strange little room, that you can tell was added on at a later date than the original part of the house. For some reason, the previous owner thought it would be a great idea to move the fridge in there.

It drives me CRAZY, especially when I have my three ducklings following behind me to get their sippy cups refilled.

I would move the fridge out to the spot it actually belongs in, in the kitchen, but you have to remove the doorframe in order to move it out, which is not really a job I'm equipped to do. So until I can get the hubs to do it, it stays in the laundry room.


(I told y'all stuff had fallen behind when I was pregnant. It's gotten so out of hand!)

One day (soon I hope!), I plan to put a small table and shelf in the spot that the fridge is in now, so I can fold clothes and hang them up if need be. Sounds so dreamy... I'd also love to paint in there... and put down new floors...but that's all a task for another day.

See how easy it is to start getting sucked into Magazine Cover-itis?!

For now, this room is a big junk collector and has gotten really disorganized, and I didn't have enough time to get everything done in there that I'd like. But anything's a start, right?

After (I still need to organize the top shelf but the kids were ready for dinner so the job ended there... for now!):

After (and I didn't get rid of anything out of this cabinet- how sad is that?! It just needed some love & care):
Yay! Cabinets that can actually close and a cleaned off washer & dryer!

Still need to clean that area and the rest of the room so I can take after pics! :) Hopefully that'll happen today!

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  1. yea for clean washers and driers! For some reason it makes doing laundry seem so much less...terrible to me! lol

  2. very niiiiiiiice!
    (said in my best Borat voice)

  3. Wow, you are doing such a great job with this blog-along. I keep getting distracted and start cleaning in other rooms. My house is looking fabulous, but I have not gotten one whole area cleaned yet. Here's hoping that tomorrow brings completion in at least one area!


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