Here's the story, of a lovely lady...

Last Monday at 12:12pm, Ariana entered the world.

Labor was induced with Pitocin, as all of my babies have been. For some reason my body doesn't ever really want to get going into full blown labor. I was 39 weeks, but she was measuring a week further than that.

I was happily surprised when we arrived at the hospital to discover that I was actually already dilated to 4cm. It made the rest of my progression go fairly fast. I got my epidural around 10am, started pushing around 11am.

Because she was a full pound bigger than any of my other babies, it took her a little longer to get to where she was ready to come out... but once she was, she pretty much took care of things on her own. I only had to push once to get her shoulders out!
I love her lovely chubbiness.
So far, she's been a pretty easy-peasy baby. She sleeps most of the time, eats on a 3hr rotation, and puts up with her siblings pestering- er-snuggling her.


  1. precious!! absolutely precious! and the kids look like they ADORE her! :D Congratulations again on yet another sweet blessing! :D

  2. She is beautiful! What a doll!

  3. Could your children be any cuter??!! There is some serious cuteness going on in the Tillary house!!! : )

  4. what a wonderful blessing! praying you all continue to adjust well to sweet ariana. yay for 4 kids!! :-)

  5. Awwww! It looks like she's surrounded by lots of little folks who love her to pieces!
    Glad everything went so well :)

  6. Congratulations Virginia! Looks like you guys are all adjusting well so far to family of 6. Hope to see you and meet Ariana (at least for a few minutes) on Friday at Lucy's! :)

  7. Absolutely adorable :) You have a beautiful family! Congrats again!!

  8. congrats she's beautiful as are all the rest of them.

  9. Just beautiful, Virge! When can I come see her...and you!

    Let me know what day next week is good......

  10. she is adorable!!! great pictures!!


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