A few firsts...

I got my first kit this week from Color Me Daisy... and I can share a few sneak peeks at it's adorableness!

I already sat down and started playing with it; it is so fun & autumny! I can't wait to share more with ya! Keep your eye HERE for the full reveal in a few days.


We carved our very first pumpkins tonight. It was so fun, although- my fingers are sore! Now I see why the traditional "triangle eyes & nose" Jack O'Lantern is such a popular option!

We also watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" this week for the first time. Also, for the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth times. Don't ever let anyone tell you that the Tillerys aren't thorough. hehe By the way, in case you get a hankerin' to watch the classic special but it's not on tv at the moment, you can watch it here at Fancast.

And tomorrow night, we'll be going to our church's fall festival. It's not the first time we've gone, but it WILL be the first time I go with a "Strawberry Shortcake Ballerina," "Woody," and a "Sassy Skeleton."

I'll let you guess who is who.


  1. Virginia, I'm so glad I found your blog! It's great! I hopped over from Noel Mignon's site. Love the jack o lanterns and your layout.

  2. CUTE pumpkins!!! Have fun at the festival! :)

  3. Hope you guys have fun at the festival! :-)

  4. very cool lanterns... designer even,


  5. I can't wait to see woody with "andy" on the bottom of his boot! (and the other too! lol)

  6. We did bonehead and bugaboo, too! :) great job on the pumpkins.

  7. Awesome pumpkins, I did the same skull one! Ari calls it his "pirate pumpkin"!

  8. awesome pumpkins we're cutting ours tomorrow.

  9. super cool pumpkins!! & big congrats on the new DT- can't wait to see your projects!! {{BIG HUGS}}


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