Happy Hour

If you've been around me for any length of time, you've probably heard me sing the praises of Sonic, their ice, and "Happy Hour." Ha!

It doesn't hurt that there is one less than a mile from my house... the kiddos and I often roll up there for "Happy Hour" and get half price slushes. I knew I needed to make sure to record this tradition!
(Made with the August Scripts kit & add on kit- find it here! The only things I added were a piece of yellow cardstock and some red embroidery thread from my stash.)
I cut out some of the waves from one of the Fancy Pants journaling cards, and then created my own clouds from the backside of one of the pieces of Sassafrass patterned paper. The Jenni Bowlin chipboard sun shape got an extra boost of color & texture by layering it on top of the felt Creative Cafe die cut flower. I added some strips of paper and Sassafrass buttons to add even more texture!


  1. very cute!!! I love layouts like this...the everyday fun stuff :)

    btw, thanks for your comment....it means a lot!!

  2. heheh, those pictures of your kids are too cute!

  3. What a fun memory, V! I love your sun! WOW!

  4. love the sun with all it's layers and flavors! super cute layout!! love the black and white with a color picture too!

  5. Beautiful as always!! I'm still jealous that you have a good Sonic. Darn health scores! =)


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