a bug, A BUG!

Sabriel is obsessed with bugs. I suppose that her proximity to the ground & all the little creepy crawlies keeps her more observant about all those things. She loves to get down and watch them go about their business. She always makes sure to announce, "A bug- A BUG!" if she sees one, and we all must halt and wait for her to check 'em out.

(Made with the August Scripts kit & add on- check it out here!) I added in a cute Sassafrass feltie (the caterpiller) from my stash because it was just too perfect for this layout to pass up. :)

(P.S. I'm totally aware that I'm on a "circle kick" this month. All my layouts have been starting to have the same general design. What's up with that?! Time to pull out some sketches!)


  1. they are not all the same...except that i do love this one too.

  2. This is hilarious! I was just looking at some pictures of Zeke checking out the bugs and thinking I needed to do a LO with them! (very cute LO btw! )

  3. I'm enjoying your circle kick. =) Super cute layout and absolutely adorable photos!!


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