Yard Sale Scores!

As I mentioned yesterday, I went "yard saling" on Saturday and found some really good stuff + had a great time!

Here are the treasures that I found:

Remember how I did the girls' room in pink & brown a month or so ago? Well, I found this bedding set (in it's packaging)- comforter, bedskirt (not shown), and two shams. It was in new condition and looked awesome! Usually I'm leery about buying stuff like bedding from a yard sale, but it looked so great that I went ahead and got it for the girls' room. Look how cute!
Sabriel is using the brown duvet I made (because someone is going to use that thing, dadgummit! hehe). The polka dot bedding was $10, but since it was rainy and towards the end of the morning, I got it for $7!
Some other stuff I got:
Set of 3 Tupperware containers (to help organize the fridge); little "bunky" locker for Em; Old Navy sundress for Em; "Boody" (aka Woody) hat for Atticus; Old Navy button up shirt for Atticus; leather shoes for Sabriel; motorcycle & racecar for Atticus; tackle box that is now a car organizer for Atticus.

Just look how cute these shoes for Sabriel are!!! I can't wait 'til she's big enough to wear them!

A cute new chalkboard for my kitchen; the pegs are perfect for holding my aprons.
A nice new picnic basket for our books. We had another one but it had gotten pretty ragged looking. I love using picnic baskets for the kids' books because they have a hinged lid- great for storage. (And it was only $3!)
This next picture is a "before" shot of the little side table next to our computer desk. It gets very cluttered, very quickly.
But now- taaaaa daaaaaaaaaa! With this cool organizer I got for $5, it's nice & neat looking!I also got a cute pair of Nine West flats (another thing I'm usually leery about, but I have exceptions to the rule!) that I forgot to take pics of, a little tiny tealight lantern for my front porch, and a My Little Pony for Em.

All in all, a very good haul. The coolest part: I spent a total of around $35 for all of that!

I love a good yard sale day. :)


  1. Awesome! You're completely on a mission! Where DO you find all that energy?! But the place looks great, and I'm totall jealous of all your finds! :D

  2. what awesome finds. that is great. we love yard sales too. we've gotten tons of stuff for sawyer. it's great

  3. "Ooo, I like that bed, I wish that was my room." From Elliya as she looks over my shoulder!!

    Great finds!

  4. I love a good garage sale day! Looks like some great finds! I adore those red shoes too.

  5. Thats so awesome Virge!
    Hey that bedspread was one of the ones I looked at on line last Summer when I was picking out stuff for L's room.
    I think its from JC Penney!!!
    So you definetly got an awesome deal!

  6. I love a good yard sale find! Save those red shoes for me! You know, I may need them in about 36 weeks or so...


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