Cool necklaces

I am a jewelry person. I think I always have been. When I was a teenager, I would wear gobs of jewelry. I was into the whole skater/indie girl look, so I would layer necklaces & chokers, wear tons of bracelets & rings, and had at least 6 holes in my ears.

I've, ahem, toned down my look since then, but I still love jewelry! I don't have expensive tastes; I just want it to look interesting and add that final "touch" to my look.

I'm so happy to share with you these necklaces:

(Make sure to click on the images to see all the cool details on these!)
My friend Katie has been bitten by the jewelry making bug, which is a win/win situation. She's selling the pieces you see here (plus some more are in the works- I hear she is also doing metal stamping!! *girlish squeals*) on our etsy shop, Paper/Hanger.

So now everyone can share in her great, fashionable designs...

and I can trick her into making some cool jewelry to give to her dear friend.

Me. ;)

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