I've been a cleaning & decluttering & organizing fool lately.It's like I wake up in the morning with this crazy drive to get everything into perfect place. I know some of it is nesting, and some of it is my desire to control things- so I try to control my environment. I'm trying to only nest as much as I 'need' to, and trust God with the controlling issue.

Anyways, the results of some of this nesting are here:

Atticus' room needed a bigger place to store toys, and I needed to make it more streamlined because the baby will be sharing a room with him.

I removed this bookcase from the playroom (all the stuff got moved to a baker's rack that you can see here.)
I laid it on a quilt and dragged it through the house. I had a tag a long. :)
Atticus' room after:The baker's rack that I moved to the playroom was originally in the kitchen.

It was basically a big clutter collecting spot. We have this island (although it's not an island right now, it will be eventually!) that wasn't getting utilized for it's storage.
So everything was removed from the baker's rack and moved here. The cookbooks were moved into the dining room.
I decluttered the counter tops & moved stuff around too, but I forgot to take a before pic!
I'm really motivated to paint our cabinets & kitchen walls next, that is my project for the summer!

This was our playroom before:

In process:


(This is coming in through the main door... that other door you see is our bedroom door.)

Looking into the room:
This has been so great for the kids to have an actual place to sit and color & do crafts next to me. We all love it!

Some of my scrappy stuff and kids' toys:
My vintage suitcases filled with stuff to alter and mini albums:
The kids' side of the table:
Some table top necessities:The remaining organizing project that is on my list (for now) is to organize the pantry and fridge... it's one of those tasks I keep putting off because it makes such a big mess and it's hard to do with the kids around. I'm hoping to tackle it soon, though!


  1. hey look! there's a seat for me!!! hehe! seriously though, this looks Fabulous!!! Wow girl, you've been working hard! I love all that you've done!

  2. wow - you are like a crazed decluttering queen!! wow!! looks awesome. i'm amazed at what you can accomplish while you're pregnant. i did good to get up off the couch! lol

  3. Wow. I love the way that you are constantly re-working/re-using all the things in your home so it will continually work for you. And you make it look sooo good at the same time! Great job!!!

    And thanks for sharing. I think you have actually motivated me to get a few things done this weekend that keep getting put off. WooHoo...

  4. Great Job! I have never been that motivated but I can always hope one day I will! :)

  5. Great job re-arranging V! :-)

  6. It looks great! You have gotten SO much done. I hit a snag pretty early in my decluttering, but Jeremy is helping me paint the card catalog this weekend and I am really looking forward to having that done. What did you do with your desk? Did I miss it in the after pics somewhere?

  7. Wow virginia! Very impressed with what you have accomplished. It all looks wonderful!

  8. Wow virginia! Very impressed with what you have accomplished. It all looks wonderful!

  9. It looks great, but at the risk of sounding like my own mother, "You be careful moving heavy things around!!"


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