Easter Sneak Peeks (lots 'o photos)

It was a pretty day today + I had a rare bout of energy, and I knew my chances of getting good pics of all three kids on the same day were fairly slim, so I dressed up Sabriel and took her out to the backyard for a mini photo shoot.

Of course Em wanted in on the action, regardless of the fact that I told her I would do a whole shoot for her, and one for Atticus too.

Here are a few peeks at some of the pics. There will be more to share soon!

(P.S. This is mainly for the family to see- I know for some of you this is probably boring! I'll have some scrappies to share on here soon, if I get some time + energy to scrap.)

The boy wanted nothing to do with the pictures. He's so hard to photograph these days!


  1. GORGEOUS Girl!!! You have quite the adorable little family! ;) Hope you guys have a very Happy Easter! :D :D :D

  2. girl i am loving those pics...your kids are sooooooo adorable....

  3. BEAUTIFUL! I love Sabriel's legs! I just want to bite them! Those dresses are too cute. And how bout Atticus with his Bama bangs? Every football player here has that same haircut. ;)

  4. they are adorable!
    That 2nd picture is gorgeous! Like please hang it on your wall.
    Your kids are so precious.
    The dresses...swoon!

  5. I love that first pic - the chubby baby legs compared to the skinnier preschool legs. So cute!! They're dresses are adorable!

  6. their dresses are TOO cute!!! great pictures!

  7. Awe! Your babies are so sweet. Even that little guy who is hard to photograph. I have the same problem with my 8-year-old. He's getting out of that cutesy stage and on into his boyhood. It's hard to get a good one. Especially since he has his tongue hanging out half the time!


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