Easter Wrap Up

We had a long weekend, full all of sorts of activities, which leaves me a little grumpy from trying to do too much and worn out this rainy Monday morning. My eyes have that swollen puffy feeling. I'm betting I look beautimous. ;)

I'll leave y'all with some pics of our weekend, AND a couple of layouts!
These are some old skool photos of me as a kid, swimming at the Officers' Club my Grams belonged to at Ft. McClellan. Lots of good memories from there. I made this with the March Scripts kit.
Katie & the Crazy Reds came over the other day and we made Easter canvasses out in the front yard. It was so beautiful out there and I can see that Em is going to want to do that again sometime soon- no problem with me!
This was made for a new challenge @ Noel Mignon, using her Lovely Day kit and a few Jenni Bowlin rub ons. Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt at the church- note to self- must teach kids how to do an Easter egg hunt so they're ready for next year. They got like 4 eggs. They just kind of moseyed in there. Bless their hearts. hehe It didn't stop them from having a good time, so it's all good!

Sunday morning was Easter services at church ... I loved hearing "He is risen- He is risen indeed" in languages from around the world and once again being reminded that it's His grace that saves me, nothing that I do can earn it. Thank you, Jesus.

After church I tried to get some more shots of the kids... so hard to get a decent shot of this little dude!!I finally managed a few decent ones.

Notice that "Murray" is in all the shots? Murray is the beanie baby version of a friend's cat. Atticus is obsessed with him and is convinced that he and Murray will go bike riding together some day. Until then, he carries around the beanie baby version of Murray.

Got a few more of the girlies too.

This one is blurry, but I love her expression.
Hope you had a beautiful Easter!


  1. beautiful pics, your kids are adorable :)

  2. Those are some precious kiddos!! The one of A. with his kitty is priceless. I had an elephant like that that my daughter sleeps with now! Had to have a facelift mind you! Glad you all had a great weekend. The busyness is hard, but the kids enjoy it. Before we know it, they will thinks all "dumb". Take care of yourself!


  3. love your easter pics
    you kids are so pretty
    atticus too.
    i feel like i can say that because i have a boy that i think is pretty.
    he's handsome too
    love murry
    sawyer has a september.
    he is a beanine baby bear that my sis gave him
    and i love atticus' shoes
    sawyer has those too
    i had to have them when i saw them.
    glad you had a good easter
    thanks for sharing it with us

  4. Awwww! Your little ones look adorable in their Easter outfits! I can't believe how big they are getting! I didn't get one picture of my kids in their Easter clothes! :( Can you believe it?! We were visiting my sister's house and it was just too nutty to try and get everyone together for a picture! That's alright, I'll get some "pretend" ones next week! LOL!

  5. Atticus looks like he is running in that one pic-how did he not get more eggs??
    love the layouts and pics Virg!

  6. V - your babies are growing up so much and they are absolutly beautiful!

  7. I haven't taken easter pics yet....is it too late? They will never know, lol!
    Those are adorable! Love how you used the HS bling.

  8. I haven't taken easter pics yet....is it too late? They will never know, lol!
    Those are adorable! Love how you used the HS bling.

  9. Love your scrappy page! Your kiddos are absolutely darling!!!


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