Spring Cleaning

We currently have two kids in the house with a stomach bug, and I'm waiting for it to hit the third. Ugh! I'm hoping to avoid it all together. I've got spring allergies kickin' in, so my head is kind of stuffy, so we are all just taking it very chill this week.

Since I'm starting to feel better from the first trimester sleepies & queasies, I've been slowly tackling a few projects around the house that have been bugging me for a while.

Today I'll share with you some of the re-decorating I've done in my bathroom. I was VERY inspired by The Nesting Place's "Ten Minutes to a Room You Love" blog post series and used several of her (and her readers') ideas last week when the kids were at MDO. I'd love to paint and do some more little things, but this was just the perfect sized project for a busy mama.

This is a semi-before picture. I say semi because I had already started taking some stuff out and moving stuff in. I did have a Southern Living @ Home tray over in the far corner, full of hairspray and lotions and stuff like that. One of Nester's tips is "hide the toothpaste," and while I don't literally do that, I did decide to store all that stuff in a drawer out of site.
This is a tray sign I started making for the Christmas Bazaar last year and never finished, so I decided to finish it and use it for my bathroom door.
Ah. Serenity now.
Another tip from Nester that I loved- bring in ambient light. This is the only thing I purchased for my whole bathroom "makeover". I would've removed the radio, but the Hubs can't live without his NPR.
One of my favorite things that was waiting for its perfect home in the house... I kept moving it around in my house trying to find the right spot, and now I think it's just right! Bought for me by my Ginge, and created by Michelle. I love that I can see it every morning and it reminds me of two of my favorite people.
I love moving stuff around my house and finding new uses for it. This teeny birdhouse was kind of lost on my living room mantle, but here it shines on its own.
Love all this prettiness. I stuck to white, cream, and greens for my color scheme to tie everything together. I love the simple beauty of the glass jars full of q-tips and cotton balls.

We all share this one bathroom (remember, 80-something year old house!), so Atticus had to do a little exploring once I changed it up. I heard the lid of the glass jar being pulled off the other day, so I went to investigate. He thought the cotton balls were marshmallows, bless his heart. Fortunately I showed him otherwise before he tried to eat them.
This was in my scraproom. I found it a while back on clearance at Hobby Lobby for only a couple of bucks. It's perfect for storing/hiding my makeup, because I have to keep that up and away from little princesses that like to do makeovers.
This is the other sink where all the more real action takes place... teeth brushing and hand washing and such. I kept the same colors and simplicity here; but I couldn't "hide the toothpaste" since it needs to be easily accessible for everyone here (and I don't need additional pludering in cabinets every day!).
We've been functioning with our bathroom all spa-ed up now for a couple of weeks and it has stayed nice and serene. I like to go hide in there sometimes if I need a moment of calmness and clarity. It's my own private little spa. ;)


  1. I like it! I feel all calm and collected just looking at your pics. :)

    Glad to hear you're coming out of the 1st Trimester funk. That's rough. Hope the kiddos start feeling better soon so you can all enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Gurl you are so brave to show the before pics =0) my hubby is the same way cannot live without his NPR - LOL! I absolutely love finding new homes for your fav pieces and luv the lamp =0) hang in there as you take care of those sick babies!! HUGS! ~C

  3. Awesome! That looks so good, and serene!
    You inspire me.
    Here I go again with Jerry McGuire lines ;)

  4. Great Makeover V! Everything looks awesome!


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