I'm back (kinda)

The weekend away was very fabulous. I think I just enjoyed the quiet and the sleeping without being interrupted the most.... but scrapping comes in at a close second! ;)

I'm still getting back into the swing of things here, which seems to be hindered by:

1)an outbreak by my mysteriously reoccurring hives (I've had them since I was sixteen or so- they break out when I'm stressed, pms-ing, or allergic to something, so it's one of those. I suspect the 2nd one.) It feels like fire ants are crawling over me at night in bed. Lovely.

2)my kids' severe lack of following directions and obedience. Mainly my fault because I have gotten lax in the "follow through" area of discipline. :( It's stressing me big time.

3)a general lack of structure in our days... I need to incorporate (again) some sort of loose schedule for the kids so that they are not getting bored and throwing Christmas ornaments off of the top bunk in Atticus' room. (Don't ask)

I will be slowly sharing some of the things I made over the weekend here- don't want to overload you all at once! ;)

We have a design team challenge going on at Noel Mignon, to use a children's book as inspiration for a layout. You can use the design, the story, the title, or just a memory associated with a particular story as your jumping off point.

Ever since Em was a baby, we would read Charlie and Lola (and Clarice Bean- both by Lauren Child) books to the kids, so I KNEW that I had to use Charlie & Lola as my inspiration for my layout. This is one of our favorite books about them:

I ended up tracing the characters a little and then adding my own interpretations to match my kids. I know this is not a traditional layout (with no pics), but it was really fun to do and my kids immediately recognized themselves being Charlie & Lola-fied. I think I"m going to put it on a canvas or in a frame and hang it in their reading nook.
Come join in on the Off-the-Bookshelf challenge! There's a $15 gc to the Noel Mignon store waiting for the winner of the challenge.... :)

Off to enjoy the quiet house (kids at MDO) and slightly spring-like weather outside. Ciao, bellas!


  1. That layout is simply adorable!! I may have to give that challenge a try...I certainly have a stash of children's books.

  2. This is fantastic!!! LOVE the Lo, it's just perfect...and will be great framed for them to see all the time.

  3. the 'snow' book is one of our faves - we just returned it friday. we LOVE charlie and lola. so cute. love how your 'charlie and lola'ed' the kids - absolutely adorable!!! you rock!! and YOU are my favorite and my best!!

  4. I'm glad you had a good weekend and sorry that you are in the midst of the terrible 1-3's!

    Hang in there!!!
    We should get together one day. My kids are good at occupying little ones.

    Also, my kids ARE Charlie and Lola!
    Seriously wishing I would have named them that. ;)

  5. Hey girl, Hannah and Ian have started breaking out in hives so I called the doc and asked for suggestions. I don't know if you have heard of this or not because I didn't until the doc told me: The medicine is calle Zyrtec. It is made just for hives. Hannah had them from head to toe and it was cleared up in day. Oh and love the layout!! They are some of our favs too!!

  6. This really turned out sooooo cute!!! I've never read this book....maybe a must have for Cort!

  7. Glad you had a good weekend away!

    That layout is AMAZING! I love the personalized illustrations!

    Your kids are lucky to have you :-)

  8. Welcome back!

    If my text last night left you confused, email me!

  9. seriously. Quit being so stinking awesome. You are making everyone else look bad. Also I am glad we share a brain.

  10. this project is adorable, virginia!!! totally saving it to copy later. ;o)


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