Calgon, take me away....

This will be short & sweet because I've lots to do before lunch today!

I've been feeling very burnt out with parenting- I've gotten lax with discipline and have been using the "threaten" method for far too long, plus Atticus has not slept entirely through the night since before Christmas (he's going through an "I'm scared of everything" phase), plus the stage he is in as far as personality development is pretty draining...

Needless to say, I need some time to just "check out", so I'm going with my wonderful friend Deanna for a mommy-break weekend... nothing but scrapping & girl time ahead on my immediate future.

I'll be without internet connection, which means I'm going to be missing all the CHA festivities online, but you can keep an eye on them here:


And make sure to check out the new releases from AccuCut here:


and here:


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'm counting down the hours until I'm outta here! :)


  1. Oh I am so jealous! Have a great time!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time and come back feeling super duper and refreshed! :)

  3. Good for you! I can't wait to see all the projects and layouts you come back with! :)

  4. Have fun! We all need a break. I can certainly relate to the "no sleep, I'm scared" stuff. After my son broke his leg, I was up every couple hours for weeks. Then once he wasn't in pain anymore he was scared of his room, scared of everything, and joined at my hip. We've been spending the last few weeks getting back to "normal".

    Enjoy your time!!! All of us moms need time away to relax and refresh our minds. I hope to see lots of scrappy goodness on your blog when you get back :)

  5. ooo...have a great time! give Deanna a big hi and hug for me! wish i could join you!!! can't wait to see what y'all create this weekend =)

  6. I hope you girls have fun! I will be a wee bit jealous!

    I can relate to the "scared" phase. My Chap is still in it. He has night terrors. And, I hope your little guy does NOT! Just hug him and love him! He just wants to be safe! It is tiring, but super sweet at the same time!

    You girls have fun........and think of me when you look at your little trash bucket AND THERE IS NOTHING IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe

  7. Hey V!! hope you and D have a great time!!!

  8. have a wonderful, well deserved weekend away! hope you & Deanna will share some pics 8)

  9. Have fun Miss V, sounds like a great weekend! Can't wait to see what awesome stuff you make while you're gone. :)


  10. Hope you have a great weekend V.!!

  11. I hope you had alot of fun! :-)

  12. Welcome back! (I am writing this Sun. Eve.) Hope you had a great time.

  13. hope you're rested and rejuvinated and ready to take it all on again!! =D


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