[The lack of a creative blog post title]

I did a photo shoot this weekend for my friend Kari Ann's sister and her husband, and a few of Kari.

I took lots more, but I figured y'all might not want to see all 70-something pics. It was fun, though!


I also made some super yummy cookies this weekend.
If you like peanut butter & chocolate, check out this recipe. SO good.


I did a few tips & techniques on the Noel Mignon T&T blog, so make sure to swing by there and share some of your favorite 'round the scraproom tips.


I made this from the December Scripts kit:

See more detail shots and info here!


Oh, and have you seen this?!




  1. Your title cracked me up!!! Flipping amazing photos too...wowzers! And I am so trying those cookies! YUm!

  2. I *love* your holiday sign. I just may have to make one of those myself :) And holy cow do those cookies look good. I think I might have to add that one to my cookie list this year!!

  3. why can't we have good places to take photos like everywhere else...we have some good ones but not like that....grrrrr.....

    and yes i saw the Scrap Etc blog.... :)

    congrats on catwalk with your clipboard...beautiful

  4. wow I just love the one of them going across the bridge...love it!

  5. Ok, is there anything you stink at? You rock at decorating, cooking, scrapbooking, buying clothes, and now photography. You're just going to take over the world aren't you? =) Seriously, awesome job on the photos!


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