A Virtual Feast of Books


My friend Laura is doing something really cool this week.

Here's the dealio:

Think of your favorite books from the last year -- fiction or non-fiction, children's or adult. Then, either post the list (synopses optional) as a comment here on her blog, or (if the list is long) send her an e-mail (bookchic2@gmail.com). She'll then compile and publish the full listing on her blog Thanksgiving weekend. So ... that means you need to send your list soon -- say, no later than November 26, o.k.?

Get in on it! I'm always up for new books to add to my goodreads list!

If you want to participate or help spread the word, feel free to copy & paste this blinkie and info to your blog or message board! :)

(To save the blinkie, right click and "save as" and upload to photobucket and then post to your blog. If you need further help, just email me at 2blackflipflops@gmail.com and I'll help you out!)


  1. Woohoo! So very fun and honoring that you've developed a blinkie for my virtual feast! I love it and can't wait to get everyone's lists!

  2. Hey - thought I would send you this link:


    The Georgia Libraries have TONS of books for FREE download on their website now. it is in addition to checking out books at the library. thought you might be interested...


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