Midnight Fun (only very slightly spoilery)

I had a small miracle this morning.

In my eyes, it was actually quite a large miracle.

Last night, I went to the midnight movie premiere of Twilight.

You may have heard of it. ;)

I met up with some friends beforehand, where Whitney (of Pikl Paper) and I handed out our "We Brought a Snack" boxes.

Then we headed off to the theater, coated in glitter spray and giddy with excitement.
Michelle and I sat and played our own version of "theater bingo" (including squares with things to spot such as "Someone wearing a handmade Twilight shirt" and "a dude walking in") while we waited for the movie to start.

We suffered through the freaky freaky freaky nightmare inducing preview for "the Unborn", the deliciously exciting preview for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and some crappy Tom Cruise movie preview. (Sorry, the movie itself might be fine and dandy, but my perception of Tom has been forever altered.)



It's darkly beautiful, full of teenager angst, seriously cheesy at moments, smokin' hot at others. Some times I found myself laughing hard (and I'm not sure if the movie's directors intended it to be funny), and other times I found myself entirely entranced by the beauty of the Cullens. And James. Don't forget him.

The movie version of any book, especially one I love so much, could never ever ever live up to what the author originally intended or what I imagined in my head. The only one that has ever come slightly close to my expectations have been the Harry Potter movies, and I think that's largely in part due to the fact that JK Rowling had almost entire creative control over what was filmed and projected in the movies.

There are plenty of things that I could point out that disappointed, like when Edward is playing the piano and it smacks of an 80's music video with the fog and lighting. Or the amount of makeup poor Carlilse is forced to wear. However, I know that there will be plenty of people on the internets this morning that will do that job for me.

I for one, will continue to bask in the glow of a fun movie, and then go back and curl up with my favorite version of the story... the original book form.

It was a highly entertaining experience, made all the more fun to go with other Twilight lovers. :)

Oh, and the miracle I mentioned earlier?

My kids slept until 10 freaking o'clock this morning. (Atticus actually woke up at 7, watched cartoons for a bit and then crawled into bed to snuggle with me and fell back asleep.)

I honestly think I got more sleep last night than I get on a regular basis.


  1. Oh my goodness! I loved the movie! You are right about the piano thing and Carlise's makeup. I just have to say...Edward/Rob was HOT! :)LOL! I am so ready to see it again! :)

  2. An absolutely perfect review, Virginia. My sentiments exactly. Thanks for making it a sparkly night 'o twilight fun with the glitter and the favors.

  3. loved your review. can't wait for tomorrow night and i hate i missed out on movie theater bingo - you need to share with me your bingo card. that would be a hoot!!

  4. me and e will be there tonight at 12:15 sharp....i can't wait...
    and i loved your box of snacks..hehehe

  5. 10:00!!?? WOW! What a great day for that to happen!! I was hitting snooze at 6:30.....

  6. I liked the piano scene. It made me happy. Don't try to take that from me!

    Lets go again!
    Thanks for the super cute treat boxes...I love them!
    And I have already started writing in my planner ;)

  7. just saw the movie today and really really liked it. my sis came in to see it with me. she somehow fell on the twilight bandwagon, sometimes it seems strange to me because as much as i am a reader she is totally not but she is loving these books. she just finished the 2nd one and he already has bought the next 2 so she will most definatelly be starting the 3rd tonight. i was dissapointed in them leaving out some scenes but other than that i really like the movie. love you overview of it. totally agree. well but the james thing. not really digging him. and not because he's the bad guy but i just don't find him attractive in the movie. now in the gap store at the mall he's great.

  8. yeah - love that shot of us in the theater. i'm giving you that "jasper-i'm-constantly-in-pain-look". HA!

  9. Looks like a fun night!!

    Can you come teach my kids how to sleep that late? It's 5:24 right now and my oldest is already awake. ugh!


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