October Twelve Fridays Layouts

I haven't posted these here yet, and I wanted to share!

These are the layout I made with the fun October Twelve Fridays kit:

It came with these cool round corrugated cardboard discs. The first thing I thought when I pulled one out what that it would make a cool base for a pumpkin, so I sat and played until I made this:

The leaves on it were made by printing this coloring page out, and then cutting & tracing the leaves out. I free-hand cut the stems & veins. (Pretty much any time I need a specific shape, I use google images to search for "coloring page" and whatever thing I'm looking for. Pretty handy!)

Thanks for looking! :)

If my posting is a little slower this week, it's because I'm making final preparations for Wrapper's Delight, PLUS it's the Hubs' birthday this weekend, PLUS my brother's birthday on Thursday, PLUS the kids are going to their Nana's for a couple of days and I have to prepare for that!

Busy week, y'all! I hope you all have a wonderful one and that your Sunday was full of renewal & rest. :)


  1. these LOs totally ROCK! oh my! you did an awesome job!!! love it all!

  2. Virg. Stop making everyone else look inept. Those layouts are beyond beyond FABULOUS. Who is that good looking red headed boy in the picture with Emereson? They make such a CUTE couple.

  3. Beautiful LOs!!!! LOVE the Neighborhoodie title! :

  4. SHUT UP!!! I cant belive how gorgeous these are!!


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