Thankful gifts

I wanted to make some Thanksgiving gifts for my kids' Mother's Day Out teachers and their Sunday School teachers, so I used this month's Scripts kit to decorate some yummy pumpkin spice candles and make a little paper pumpkin.

These candles take about 15 minutes (if even that!) to make. I just cut a strip that wraps around the candle, tied a strip of fabric around it, and adhered on the velvet leaves, handcut paper leaves, and a mini-tag embellished with a flourish from the Making Memories glitter alpha stickers.
I used a pumpkin tutorial by my friend Greta (found here) to make this mini pumpkin out of paper. I changed the dimensions to 6" strips and I used about 17 strips. It was super easy.
I loved how the shimmer on the cardstock really adds a special touch to the pumpkin, and the little wine tag was perfect for this gift! I hand cut leaves and added "veins" in them with the glitter glue. Fun stuff! I can't wait to give these little gifts to their teachers!

(This is going to be random, so just ignore it if you don't know who I'm referring to- just trying to help a chick out!)

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  1. These are all so stinkin cute!!!! Love the glitter glue veins!

  2. oh your pumpkin did turn out soooooooo cute...love the shimmer..that made it along with the veins...

    GO KP GO!!!!

  3. I love it! I love it!
    You rocked those gifts!

  4. Super cute gifts! You're so stinkin' talented!!!


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