Christmas Bazaar

I got through the Christmas Bazaar and had a blast!

Here are some pics from the weekend... I have a few things left that I'll take pics of and put them here on my blog if anyone is interested in doing some Christmas shopping. :)

My cohorts helping set up:

Our shelf o' goodies (B's chocolate dipped pretzel rods were to DIE for!):
Mini albums by Katie (I think she has a few left if you're interested!):
One of my vintage inspired signs:
A journal:
More signage:
Gretchen's super-cute cards:
And another sign:
Some mini-photo albums by Gretch and me:
Sheesh- another sign!Hope you all have a great start to your week! I'm trying to regroup- last week was crazy, coming off of Wrapper's Delight, then having Noel Mignon's online crop all week, and then the bazaar this weekend! I've had so much fun and now it's time to get back to reality. Ugh! ;)


  1. Girl you have been busy the last couple of weeks. Get some rest! :) You all had some CUTE! things for your bazaar. Hope you have a good week!

  2. These are great! Glad you guys had successful bazaar! :-)

    I have a ton of fun @ noel's crop, And I won the bingo game!

    Thanks for the heads up V!

  3. Yeah those pretzels where really good!

    See you in 3 days :)

  4. LOVE those signs!!! (esp the Noel one!!) So glad you guys did well for the church bazaar! :)

  5. I had fun just hanging out, and letting your creative self ooze all over me!

  6. So glad you had fun! Your projects are gorgeous!!! Wish I lived closer.....: )

  7. Gosh, ya'll had some awesome stuff.......Get some rest! You're a busy woman!

  8. Super cute stuff, girl!!! Looks like you girls had fun!


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