2 Days 'Til Halloween....

Ok, first off- I became aware several days ago that my countdown to Halloween would leave us on Halloween saying "one day til Halloween." I swear, math is clearly not my strong suit.

Or, apparently, counting. ;)

Anyways, just pretend it makes sense somehow.


Last night we had our fall festival at church, and the kids dressed up.

I got Em all costumed up beforehand, while the two littles were napping, and took her outside for some pics.

Happy Mama and Thrilled Em here. She felt like a real princess, I could see it in her eyes.

And I can't WAIT to scrap these pics!

Once it was time to dress Atticus in his adorable pirate costume, the boy decided that he absolutely hated it with every fiber of his being.

And when I say "decided," what I really mean is was sobbing so hard that he nearly threw up.

I finally convinced him that coming closer to me did not mean further means of torture, but rather that I would help him take the outfit off.

He went as "daddy" instead. I have to figure out now if we will continue that same costume for tomorrow night or do Diego or Handy Manny (both which wear "diffrent cwothes" as Atticus calls them. Different meaning regular. Sigh. hehe).

Sabriel was an adorable little fairy, but unfortunately, I have no photographic evidence of either the "Daddy" or the "Fairy," since the sobfest threw me so off balance. Add in the fact that Sabriel fell and scraped her face a little, and you can picture the insanity of our trying to get out the door at a reasonable hour.

Anyways, my sage advice to you mommies that might not have tried the actual costume on your kid- might want to try that out today, before meltdowns happen for you tomorrow night. ;)


  1. what a pretty girl and gorgeous costume!

  2. Love that shot of Em with the sun behind her! That's some gorgeousness! You've reminded me that I need to do a day-before photo shoot, and try not to cram every into tomorrow night. Thanks for the reminder! Em's beautiful as always!

  3. Too funny! Well, only because it is not happening to me. I can safely say that we have never had the costume meltdown. (17,8, and 3) However, the 3 yr old might decide that it is a good day to be "Rebellion One" defender of chaos and Mommy strife. You know, because she thinks that is her super power or she must being that she uses it all of the time!

  4. Yeah, Ari is terrified of his lion costume. It's so sad, he sobs and his whole lil' body shakes when I attempt to put it on him. Guess it doesn't matter though since lil' man is sick and we won't be leaving the house. Em is absolutely beautiful and I love love love that layout!!

  5. Yeah we learned this lesson with Dylan a couple years ago. A costume they loved a week ago they hate come Halloween night. Lovely!!

    That picture of Emerson with the sun glare - OH MY GOODNESS!!! Awesome job, Mom!!


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