The last day of Christmas break....

I woke up, made breakfast, and then proceeded to open a hair salon for one pretty tangled up Our Generation doll. We did a fabric softener soak, then once her hair was dry again, spritzed some Windex on for shine. Her hair ends were still pretty rough (we've  had her for a few years)... so we trimmed them off a la "Kit". That's how my morning started. Ha! (Emerson got American Girl doll "Molly" for Christmas, but she thought that her other dolls shouldn't be neglected and that Molly needed some friends.)

Upon instructions from the hubs, I thought that today would just be a chill out day... other than grocery shopping, there wasn't a ton that needed to be done today, so I thought - hey, I'll let the kids play, and I'll read some. 


This is only a small percentage of their mess from making a "track" out of books. 

Tomorrow, we get back to the normal routine. MDO, school, homework, gymnastics... as crazy are our days at home, I will miss it. Even when I'm going nuts, I know deep down I will miss it. It's much easier to deal with this from the comfort of my own home. :)


  1. Dear Virge,
    I always enjoy reading what the kiddos have been up to. You are a pretty good hairdresser!!
    Aunt Glo

  2. Hey, Virg. I haven't stopped in enough lately and just wanted to say hi and that I was thinking about you. Thank you for another beautiful post and reminder of what is important. Yes, these last couple of weeks having the kids home from school has been crazy, the house is a mess, there have been more fights and meltdowns than I can remember but how blessed we are to have these children. They'll go back to school on Monday and it will be quieter here. I know I'll miss the chaos...

  3. LOL- enjoy it while we can right?! & what a great doll hair repair!
    Mimi goes back to school Monday & my house looks like a cyclone blew through- we had playdates, sleepovers, tons of visiting relatives- but total crazy but fun. XO


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