Gratitude Box

Earlier this summer, when NoelMignon had Shelley Haganman guest design for us, I fell in love with this project she created in a berry box. I immediately went to etsy, bought some (I got mine here... but be forewarned. Lots of other cute stuff to see there!), and have hoarded them ever since. 

Now it's November, and I'm finally using one for our Gratitude Box for the month. I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Under the Sycamore, and her perpetual calendar. My box is just for the month of November, but I thought it would be a great idea to cultivate gratefulness (especially before all the "gimmes" that December can sometimes bring!). 

Everything (except for the box itself) comes from the Willow Creek kit- which I still have PLENTY of to make layouts and other projects with. I love that I can do a big project like this with one of Noel's kits and still have more to work with. 

My plan is to have everyone fill out a card... sometimes we'll do more than one person per card each day, sometimes we'll all talk about something we're thankful for as a family. The great thing about this is if I want to, we can add to it again next year with more cards. 

I kept my card design fairly simple, but still  had to embellish just a bit! And I love that Tim Holtz distress stain in the kit- it gives an awesome patina to my journaling cards!!! 


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