Brightening up the Bedroom with NoelMignon Kits!

How much do you love NoelMignon kits? Enough to decorate your home with them? LOL I do! 

I love a bright, whimsical, happy look in my home, and my bedroom needed a few more touches of that. 

The piece you see in the picture below was just a boring ol' nightstand, but with a little yellow and white Valspar spraypaint and primer, I was able to transform it quickly. One final touch of some My Mind's Eye paper and some Mod Podge, and it turned a regular piece of furniture to a custom boutique piece! 

I added wiped on bits of espresso brown acrylic paint to act as a stain on the paint... I love that aged look. 

If you've ever seen one of my kit review videos, you'll see the horrible eyesore in the background... an old brown bookcase with a clumsily tacked up curtain on it to hide the stuff set on it. 

I got the organizing bug a week ago and headed to Target to get a few bins and baskets and frames. 

The two teal frames were a set for $3 (college product clearance!) and I customized them with papers from the Evening Stroll kit- a perfect match! 

This is SUCH an easy way to give a "big mat" look to a frame. Plus, it makes it way easy to change pictures out! 

I added some letter stickers from the Evening Stroll kit and a small cut out heart on top of this picture to make it even more special. :)

My hubs and I always have a big mess of library books, so these baskets with Silhouette labels worked out perfectly to contain them, and look cute to boot! 

I hope this gives you some inspiration for a few easy ways to make some seasonal or permanent changes to your home! You could adapt these ideas to Christmastime decor, or to a child's bedroom... the ideas are endless. :)


  1. I love it, V! You are so creative : ) Don't you just love the beginning of a new school year when all the dorm stuff goes on sale. (like baskets, bins, and basic organization stuff) It's like Christmas to me! I love that picture of you and Shaun. Totally captures your personalities and a rare smile from your hub. (lol) Looks great, like everything you do, friend. Love ya!

  2. Nice blog You have :-). You seem to be very creative. I love the idea with the baskets for the books, I might use that;-). My library books always just lye around on the tables.
    Take care, greetings from Denmark

  3. Just like I said before...adorable!!! Love the other things you did, too :)

  4. love it all. especially the hers and his baskets of books. cool


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