"For it will be better to ride back three together than one alone." -Gandalf

I've been slowly getting back into creating... it's been a good bit of therapy for me just just escape into playing with bits and scraps and recording memories. 

Last night I pulled out the gorgeous Primrose Lane kit (I understand these sold out really quickly- sign up for the wait list for kit subscriptions so that Noel can add some more quantity each month!) ;) 

I also pulled out my Silhouette machine last night. I did the latest software update and I don't know if my computer didn't like it or what, but it took me a bit to get my machine to work! I was quite frustrated there but I'm so glad for the results! (Btw, it may have all been user error. Don't laugh at me. hehehe) 

I cut out a chevron background from white cardstock, and before I adhered it to my patterned paper, I misted a bit with some Studio Calico Opaque White and Shine. Then I started layering on top of it. I love all the little textures here! 

This picture is of me and my siblings on the day of my dad's military funeral. We'd already had the memorial the weekend before, so that day was just more of final closure... it's been so good to have them nearby to lean on. I'm really thankful for my siblings and that we have good relationships. And it's something I want to make sure I have documented in my scrapbooks! 


  1. okay, you three look amazing. I know that may not be the "right" thing to say, but you do. This page is amazing too. I really love it! In fact, it may be my new favorite.

  2. Love the latest page...Deanna is right, y'all look so wonderful. Your creativity amazes me. I aspire to be able to take bits and pieces of craftiness and assemble them the way you do ;)

  3. I floated in by way of Pinterest ... first, let me say that I'm sorry about your Dad ... second, this page is amazing! Where did you find the chevron pattern for the Silhouette? I have one and would LOVE to use that pattern ...

    1. Hi Pam! I actually just found that in the Silhouette online store! It's called the "large chevron pattern." I adore it! And thank you so much!


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