Murray Stories

My children are all really afraid of animals. I'm not really sure why. But it doesn't matter how big or tiny, they kind of freak out. We don't have a pet so unfortunately our exposure to other animals is not as frequent as I would like. 

A few years ago, however, we met Murray (the big orange fella in the pic below). He's one of the Russell family that I mentioned in the post below. Since we are in a community group with them at our church, we have been over to their home a lot over the last few years, and my kids have- for the most part- become comfortable around him. Especially Atticus. 

He became really fascinated with him a few years ago, even getting a couple of stuffed animal cats that he named after the dude. He would tell me about them having all sorts of adventures, including them riding bikes together. (You can see a layout from 2009 here about them.)

Usually, Shaun puts Atticus to bed while I get the girls snuggled down, but on the rare occasion, I will put Atticus to bed. Instead of reading him a story like Daddy does, I will make up a story about him and Murray. I quite often picture a little Calvin and Hobbes duo in my imagination as I come up with the tales. 

A few recent stories include: 

-Murray & Atticus going trick or treating and getting lots of candy 

-Murray and Atticus sneaking to the North Pole & hearing Santa talk about the nice & naughty list... Santa happened to mention that no one can be good all the time, and that's why we celebrate Christmas: for the gift of redemption God provided us in His gift of Jesus. And then Murray happened to also spot some gifts wrapped up for Atticus. ;) 

-Murray traveling back in time on the TARDIS with the Doctor to get a glimpse of baby Jesus in the manger, with all the animals around. Murray got to chat it up with a sheep and a cow. 

I love this little special tradition we have. 
I'm hoping on making him a little book of the Murray stories. :) 

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