Dear Diary...

As soon as I could cobble a few letters together to make phonetically spelled words (I once wrote a note for a "pnut buddr" sandwich), I journaled. I have stacks of journals from my young girlhood.

Reading back through them, if I had lapsed for a time in writing, I would always feel the need to apologize to my diary. Or sometimes, in despair of being consistent and with a new resolve to write every day, I would just start a brand new journal.

I remember always writing with the feeling of someone reading over my shoulder... not feeling completely private. I often read books that were written as if it was someone's journal (one of my favorite types of vehicles for telling a story!), but I think that influenced me into thinking someone would some day read my ever so intimate thoughts about which boy I had a crush on.

Now here we go, I actually do have a place where someone reads my thoughts. I'm much more inhibited on what I share on here because I'm alwaysalwaysalways too self aware of that audience. I wish I could break through that barrier sometimes, but the judging voices in my head are way louder than the quiet voice of freedom.

Anyways, all that popped into my head as I went to click on the "Compose Post" button, because it seems as if the span of time gets longer and longer in between posts, and I feel this compulsion to apologize. It's silly.


Since I apparently have spent my words for the evening with my blathering, I figured I'd post a few pics for you guys of a peek into our home right now.

Our suitcase full of Christmas books. Usually I do the whole wrap up the books and then unwrap one each night thing, but I didn't this year. It's okay. We probably don't need the mess and the fighting over it each night right now anyways.

In love with this EP and wish it were longer. 

I saw this fun idea on Pinterest and am so glad I did it.


I have a prettier cake stand that I'll be using here after Christmas time, but right now it's serving a decorative purpose on my mantle. :) Still, this small solution has made dish washing time just a little more pleasant, and we can all always use that! 

In preparation for my December Daily, I needed to reorganize my craft bag as well. I mean, wow. 



And here's my December Daily, just started! I'll share more as I fill up the insides. :) I used the Mistletoe and Holly kit from NoelMignon. You can see my video review of it here

We've been reading Christmas stories and our Jesse Tree devotional at night. My friend Carrie wrote her own Jesse Tree devotional for little kids, and it's really good. Perfect for the 1st grade and under crowd at our home! 

I let the kids go to town on our Christmas tree. It's quite overloaded with decorations. Just the way we like it. ;)


  1. That is precisely the reason I could never journal. I always felt like someone would find it and I would be embarrassed.
    Everything looks fab - as per usual! Happy holidays

  2. Love it! I love my tree overloaded with ornaments too, especially ones made from or for my kids. All my delicate ornaments are put in a glass vase and well away from little hands. I sent your friend a request for her Jesse Tree devotional. Currently I just print off the lesson so we can put the ornament on the tree and then read the story from our Jesus Story Book Bible.

  3. Love the suitcase with the books! I pulled out our Christmas books and I don't know where to put them! Cute idea! And I also have a pink bottle brush on my sink and it is also kept in a mason jar! How funny is that? :) Thanks for linking to the Jesse Tree devo. Love you!

  4. I love the suitcase with books too! And the sink organizer. You are always so inspiring. Love you girl!


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