By Hand Boutique

Tonight and tomorrow is By Hand Boutique! Come see me- I'll be sharing a booth with my dear friend Michelle. There will be lots and lots of cool things to see and buy!

Here's a sampling of my items... I've got other things I haven't taken pictures of yet! :) I look forward to this show all year and I can't wait for tonight. I'm on a strict time schedule today so I must get off of here but I just wanted to share with you guys in case anyone local wants to come!


  1. I'll take one of each please! :D Seriously. I need some of that goodness in my house!

  2. Your altered art looks absolutely fabulous, V!! ^_^ Good luck!!!

  3. Seriously Univirge. You are so talented and amazing

  4. everything is beautiful. wish i could have come.

  5. seriously awesome creations Virg!


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