To say that I am still processing...

There is an immense amount of gratitude that I have right now; beauty in the quite literal ashes. I'm see so many people reaching

out and helping each other; seeing how my children are affected and wanting to reach out to others. I am learning how much of a tender heart Atticus has, in particular. He learned the word "empathy" today, as his daddy was explaining to him the word that described how he was acting.

Atticus' commented on how the world isn't "right;" that it is broken. Words he had heard me say before, but I think he really understands them now. I explained that originally, when God made the world, it was perfect and beautiful... but sin entered and affected everything. The world didn't work right anymore- it was broken. I am grateful that the story didn't end there. That we have hope.

So we sit in brokeness... quite literally right now. The world is broken, all around us. And we reach out, with simple things to help ease the physical hurts, and with the hope that we can also reach out with some comfort to help ease the heart aches. Whether you know someone personally affected by the disaster, or you are just connected by the fact that you are both humans, you can't help but to be touched; to mourn together.

I'm working on a few canvasses tonight to have up for sale in the next couple of days. If you lovely blog readers might be interested in buying a few, I will use ALL of the proceeds to go towards the tornado victims.

In the meantime, you can go check out my friend Gretchen's blog to see where she is doing something similar with her cute cards. Buy a few cards and the money will go towards items needed to help out tornado victims in our sweet home Alabama.

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