Making Houses

My kids have a special place next to our house they like to play in, that they call "The Jungle."

I love it.

I think it's so cool for kids to have a special place that they feel like is all their own. A secret (to them, at least!) place. I remember many happy hours playing in the woods behind my Grams' house.
I wanted to make sure to scrapbook this place, where they make houses and go "fishing" and find all sorts of treasures, and sometimes even see dragons.

(Layout created with the Noel Mignon Jump & Jive kit, plus a little cutie house from the Noel Mignon Delightfully Domestic kit.)


  1. oh V! LOVE that layout!!!! I may Lift it! :D

  2. This is fabulous V! LOVE the colors, and what a sweet way to document their secret spot.

  3. love this one Virg! i love the top left corner and your cluster of goodness especially!

  4. Lovely page and a great memory captured!


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