The Cupcake Thief

The NoelMignon Truly Scrumptious kit (2 left!!!) is the perfect fit for this story about Ariana stealing Atticus' cupcake. The colors remind me of everything decliciously edible!

The journaling reads: After Sabby's birthday, we had extra jumbo, chocolate with buttercream frosting cupcakes leftover. We were all about to enjoy them, and Atticus set his down on the edge of the table. (You see where this is going, right?!) Next thing I know, I see a giggling flash of pink go running by. By the time I caught up with her to snap this photo, the cupcake had been entirely devoured. (Atticus got another one. ;) )
I made a cupcake out of patterned papers, rhinestone bling, a 3-d sticker with a button with tulle added to the top, and the Liquid Pearls added around the edges. I think it gives a great effect!
I added a little scattering of buttons, white paint, and splattered mist to the top for subtle texture


  1. I still love that story. Totally makes me giggle every time I read it (whether it's here or on FB). What a cutie pie she is! FUN LO too! love all the techniques!

  2. total cuteness!
    (the layout and Ariana!!)


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