Do you have clean water for Christmas?

It's not something even that crossed my mind to add on to my Christmas list... "clean drinking water."

But last year, my friend Gina talked about the situation in Africa some on her blog, and made me think about it more. I'm sure if you are on the internet, you've seen or heard about at least one charity that is helping to bring clean drinking water to countries where that is not only non-existent, but something that is from one of their wildest dreams.

Water For Christmas well in Gbeivonwea, Liberia. from charity: water (special donors) on Vimeo.

My wildest dreams are so vastly different from that. We live in such a culture of lavish luxury.

Anyways, my whole point of this is not to pour guilt on you guys. Or to even really talk about it, because I honestly don't know as much as I should about the subject.

But I do know this: there's a really simple way that you can help.

You can go to this etsy shop and purchase a handmade item. There are tons that have been donated by crafty people all over. And all the proceeds go to build a well for clean, safe drinking water in Africa.

(Last year, this same shop was able to raise enough money to build TWO wells!)

So go do some Christmas shopping. :)

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