*big sigh of relief*

By Hand Boutique is over, and all the preparations for the event itself and my own booth are done. I can assure you that everyone in my house is relieved!

I feel like today's rainy, gloomy day is a special treat just for me to cuddle up and relax at home. I am losing my voice, and we've had some stomach bug making the rounds at our home, so I am very grateful to just stay in my pjs today and relax. No agendas. No deadlines. Just home.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. I didn't take a ton because I was super duper busy, but maybe it'll give you a little peek into what we did!

I shared a booth with the lovely Deanna Misner from Enjoy the Season, and was right next door to Michelle Darling Quinn from RSVP to Me! I was truly honored to be able to be surrounded by such artists that made my work look better. ;)


  1. That looks so cool, Virg. And, is that Deanna peeking out from behind the chair? Too fun. You are amazing, you know? I hope you all get feeling better soon. Enjoy the day off, sometimes we need days like this to lounge around in our jammies. I know I have been today ☺

  2. Everything looks great! I hope the show was a huge success for you V!

  3. Hey Virg....are you on etsy? I would LOVE to buy some of your precious things!



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