By Hand Boutique- a Market of Homespun Goods

I'm so excited to announce By Hand Boutique to you guys!

Those of you who have read my blog for a while know that I've participated in my church's Christmas Craft Bazaar for the last few years. It has been such a wonderful thing to take part of and I always enjoy it!

I love what has been written as the mission of By Hand Boutique:

We seek to use the venue of a Christmas Arts and Crafts Bazaar (By Hand Boutique) as a means to: involve the women of the church in ministry to one another and the community; celebrate the beauty and creativity given by God; provide a quality venue for artists to use to display and sell their art; give the local church and community an opportunity to support artists; and provide a marketplace where money can stay in the local community where it can benefit the most people.

We've changed up the name this year and are having fun adding some new elements to it. I would love it if you are in the Birmingham, Alabama area and are looking for a craft show to participate in or shop at, that you would check us out & spread the word to your friends!

Friday, November 12 * 7pm-9pm

Saturday, November 13 * 9am-4pm

Our blog

Our facebook page

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    Keep up the great work!


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