Tim Holtz + JJ Heller Canvas

So if you've been to my blog long enough, you'll know I have a slight obsession with singer/songwriter JJ Heller. Her music & lyrics seem to come straight from a place in my heart that I don't always know how to communicate.

During this last week, her music has reminded me over and over again of truths I needed to hear. To cling on to.

I knew as soon as I got my design team package from Tim Holtz, that I wanted to play around with one of these little canvas panels and a few of his products.

Last night, I finally got a chance to sit down and just play for a few minutes...
I used some bright yellow craft paint I had on hand, over a great big Tim Holtz flourish mask.
Once that dried, I layered some shipping tags that were drizzled with some mist. I printed off a few of my favorite lyrics from "Save Me" and trimmed them into little strips to adhere. Each tag was decorated with the gorgeous Tim Holtz Accoutrements Buttons.
The butterfly embellishment was made from two butterfly wings from the Tim Holtz Elements Grungeboard, wrapped in some of the Tim Holtz Symphony tissue tape. I really, really love this stuff. Like, it may replace my beloved masking tape. (Shh. Don't tell!)The butterfly was topped off with a Tim Holtz Fragments charm, that the back was covered with some Tim Holtz "Lost & Found" patterned paper. A Tim Holtz mini paper clip was opened up and twisted through the hole to make "antennae" of sorts.

To finish it off, I wrapped more tissue tape around the edge of the canvas to make a frame of sorts.

P.S. For those of you asking about the masking tape flowers on the post before, I just used this tutorial from NoelMignon design team member, Britt, and used masking tape instead of decorative tape. Let me know if you have more questions about them and I'll be happy to help! I think that the Tim Holtz tissue tape will be PERFECT for these flowers!


  1. What a beautiful peice of artwork! I love your blog and I read it daily, I am also a big fan of T!M too!

  2. i.love.this. it inspires me big time!!


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