This whole school thing...

I was homeschoooled K-12. I had a wonderful experience. I think it suited my personality in a lot of ways.

Then I graduated, left home, and got my degree at Bible college in Elementary Education. During this time, I taught preschoolers, worked with the kids at my church, and basically used every chance I had to be around kiddos.

It was kind of my natural assumption that of course I would homeschool my kids. I was equipped, wasn't I?

Funny how God likes to mess with what we think our plans are. :)

I'm so excited for Emerson. I know she is where she needs to be. I love that this is a way we can be a part of our small community, and begin building relationships with other families around here. I love that despite some girls saying some mean things to her the first day (really?! REALLY??!! Sheesh.), Emerson told me yesterday that she wants to stay at school forever. Hee

It's hard to see such a instant, visual reminder of your kids growing up, but fortunately, God designed my mommy-heart so that it's not all melancholy. There is definitely a sweetness there.

So... here we are. Beginning a new season in our lives. Learning a new rhythm to our days. Figuring out how this new dynamic of the remaining kids at home works. (So far, mostly it means a lot of noise and mischief. In other words, nothing much has changed. Heheh)

Oh. And figuring out WHAT in heaven's name should Miss Em wear for school each morning. ;)


  1. You may have to start your fashionista blog back up and show up what she wears each day!! Cole got picky about clothes in first grade and had to pick each day what he wore. I ended up laying out five outfits on Sunday and he'd pick which he'd wear each day of the week. Lasted about a month and then he went back to not caring!! :D

  2. Wow....such a great reminder of how God works and what His plan is for our lives! I think I teared up reading your post this morning! My lil one starts next year but we are going to try preschool a few days a week this year. I don't like change so much and I am praying God has made my heart not all melancholy either!

  3. It's funny how things work out sometimes and you just have to trust that everything will be okay even if it doesn't seem like it at the time. She'll do fine at school, and hopefully those kids will be nicer. I'm getting ready to send my girls in a couple of weeks and it makes me nervous,too. Some kids are just mean. I love the picture in the bubbles!!

  4. Want me to go scare some kindergartners? Just give me names. I will set them straight at recess. what mean things could possibly be said about Em? tell her they are all just jealous! and I bet she looks beautiful each morning! :) I miss have a little girl around! so sweet.
    oh- LOVE the pics. I bet the reason you make all the DTs is because you use pictures of your cute kids on your layouts! :)

  5. I feel like this year God is showing me my next journey of life, better yet Brandon's next journey of life, through my close friend's experiences with school. I can clearly remember the first day I left Brandon at MDO. I went home and agonized my decision. I worried about him crying all day for me. Then after a couple of months we got into a routine and we both loved it. I assume it will be this way with school. I posted on FB about all the "babies" going to school this year. These were the first newborns I became close too because of their moms. They were the moms I looked to for advice. So in a strange way I feel like I'm right there with them when they are ushering their 5 year olds to Kindergarten. It's my visual reminder that I will be in their place in just a year. It's also a reminder that we can do this. Life moves on. In so many instances I'm greatful. My gratitude gives me the excitement and anticipation for the next journey.

  6. I swear I read your blog and didn't just look at the pictures ;)ha ha! FIRST...LOVE THE BUBBLE PICTURE! Must try that one for myself.

    But...back to the blog! God is SOOO good at putting a wrench in our plans! We are right there with ya. I'm trying to sit back but the reality is I anxiously await to see what He's up to! But in true faith...I TRUST HIM!!

    Hang in there...

  7. I've been struggling recently on the same topic. I know I have a few more years but I can't help but think about it. Thanks for your insight and honesty. Loved this post.

  8. I completely know what you mean! Every time I think I know what God has planned, it turns out to be something else. And it is always better - not necessarily easier - but better! I'm just thankful He is in charge and has it all figured out because I sure don't!!!
    I'm excited for you and your new adventure in life. I have a new adventure coming up - I would love to tell you all about it. For that matter, to see you too! Got a Friday afternoon available? Saturday?

  9. This is a sweet post! I've been praying for Emerson this week and Mrs. White.
    Nana is still watching out for Emerson...I won't leave my prayer post! I enjoy praying for them all!
    God has given me particular things to pray for each one...except for Ariana. He hasn't told me a thing yet about her! What surprises lay ahead?

  10. I always tell myself that God has a plan for me and while I might not understand it I feel so loved knowing he is there.
    Thanks for sharing but I've got to ask you Mom to Mom...don't you wish that Dora guitar had a volume control button! I find myself hiding it from my dd...is that bad?


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