Lily Bee- Three New Lines!!!

Ooh! Oooooh! Looky!

Lily Bee just posted the pics of their collections! I'm in love!

I am posting a few of my favorites from each line, but at the bottom of this post, you can click on the link and go see the full reveal.

I think this one is my favorite. I just adore these colors together. :)

I mean, seriously. How could I not love a line named after one of my favorite movies?

And this line? Just too sweet.

Go here to see them all! There is just too much gorgeousness!!!


  1. oh my goodness, love love love it!! those flowers are adorable!!

  2. I'm certainly getting these lines! :)

  3. I have to have some of these, oh love them. thanks for sharing. Melxx

  4. i love what i see!
    isnt there more paper in that domestic diva line?

  5. CANNOT wait for these lines to come in at the store! They're among the first ones I'm ordering!


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