Spot the adhesive

Thanks, guys. I am very glad to know I'm A) not crazy - or at least, not crazier than the average woman and B)not alone. The ol' internet is a fabulous thing. :)

On the crafty side of things, I've been playing around with my adhesives and finding some different uses for them besides just sticking things down.

Can you spot the adhesive in these tags?

You can read all about my techniques, here!


  1. Great ideas for using adhesive! I really love the look of the masking tape made into a flower. Who knew you something so pretty could be made from it?!?!

  2. Super cute tags!! You did good!! :)

  3. wow! impressive Virg!! but of course!

  4. I just love these super ideas, just love the one using masking tape. Funny Virginia I left a comment to this 2 days ago but doesn't show up here. Melxx

  5. The masking tape flower is seriously GENIUS!!!!

  6. Love, love love that flower! I need to make a pink one for my little girl's room!


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