I *heart* my Silhouette!

I posted yesterday on the Noel Mignon blog about how much I love my Silhouette machine.

I made this layout as my example of just a couple of the ways I like to use my machine (using the new Sunkissed kit from Noelmignon.com).

I can cut custom embellishments. Masks for painting and misting.

I can also design my own images or download from other generous people on the internet who have made their own designs.

I can imitate all those cool punches out there for a fraction of the cost of a punch.

I don't have to buy cartridges.

I think it's so cool that I can take one design and make it as big or as small as I'd like it. Cut it from patterned paper or cardstock or vinyl or heat tranfser paper.

I can make party favors. Envelopes. Tiny gift bags and boxes.
I make titles without having to worry about having enough letters. And I can cut them from any font on my computer. I don't have to buy anything for that!

I can buy custom designs from Silhouette for .75 or .99. Some of them made by big scrapbooking manufacturers that coordinate with other paper lines.

I'm not being given any sort of benefits for writing about the Silhouette. I just love the dang thing!

Ahhhhhhh. How I love it! Can you tell?



  1. The Silhouette ROCKS! And so does your page! :)

  2. GORGEOUS layout! LOVE it!!! So bright and cheery and adorable pics as well!!!

  3. super cute layout- i LOVE my silhouette too! So fun!

  4. yes yes you are making all of cricut users feeling a tinge of jealousy! lol


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