Check it out- Lemonade Stand Kit Video

I got a chance yesterday to review the newest kit from Noelmignon.com, Lemonade Stand. It's on pre-sale now, and will be shipping May 15th.

Here's my video review of the kit:

You can see more closeups of the kit here, along with a full list of the contents. (25 patterned papers/cardstock, people! TWENTY FIVE!!)

On an unrelated note, several of y'all asked how we are feeling, and I can happily say everyone is at 100% health right now, praise God. And somehow- miraculously- I ended up not getting the stomach bug. Not sure how that can be other than grace upon this weary mama! :) Thanks for checking on us!


  1. GREAT video! This kit is FANTASTIC!!! So happy that your family is feeling better!

  2. Dude - you look like you are about 18 in this video. And by that I mean you look awesome girlie!

    Glad the kids are feeling better!

    xo Amy

  3. Thank you so much, I love seeing this fabulous kit each month, as I live in Australia, it takes forever to get here, I sometimes look at your video twice, just to get me excited about what I will receive. Glad you are all feeling a lot better. Love Melxx

  4. Virge - I love your videos.
    your friend,


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