What a week!! (TwelveFridays Update & some news!)

It's been a whirlwind around here lately! I think last week was one of the more jam-packed weeks in my life... between me having a bad sore throat (and losing my voice, only 3 days before I'm supposed to teach at the Twelve Fridays Weekend Celebration), packing up kits, my car breaking down & being towed on the morning I was leaving, juggling kids, and getting the house ready to leave (I just CAN'T leave it messy, you know?), I was soooooo ready for the weekend away!
Honestly, though, it was such a cool opportunity for me to allow people to help me. I'm one of those stubborn people who believe that they can handle it all themselves (which is so not true!), and I think I needed a little lesson in humility and letting people love on me.

And love on me, they did. :) A friend came and cleaned my house for me. Others stepped in a helped work out stuff for my kids when my car was not starting up. Another friend actually came and drove me all the way to Gatlinburg! Several people - friends and family - helped ease burdens from me in various ways. It was so cool to see in practice... and humbling.

I was telling my Sunday School girlies a few weeks ago about how it's hard for me to show grace to others, because I don't let people see my weaknesses so they can show grace to me, and it turns into an ugly cycle. It's something that I feel like God has been really teaching me the last 6 months or so. Last week was a sure sign of it!

Anyways, I had an absolutely AMAZING time. Got lots of uninterrupted sleep AND scrapping. Woo to the hoo! I'll be posting pics of everything I completed over the next week, but here are the layouts I taught. (Like a do-do, I forgot to bring my layouts back home with me, so once they get back to me, I can post pics of what they look like complete with photos, journaling, and titles).
(By the way, does anyone know why blogger is putting lines in my photo- like the one above- when I upload? They're not in my original photos. I end up deleting them and re-uploading them. I asked a question about it on the help forums but didn't get a response.)

Oh, and the "NEWS" I mentioned in my post title?

Well, remember me talking about applying for the Lily Bee Design Team?

I got a pretty good phone call yesterday. :) Needless to say, I'm pretty much over the moon and in complete awe over the fact that I got chosen to be on this team.

Lots of happy dancin' going on here today!!!!


  1. First...CONGRATS on Lily Bee! How exciting. Second...It was so great to see you again this year at the retreat. You are so talented and such an inspiration. Third...Can't wait till next year.

  2. i am so estatic for you V...huge congrats girl...and i am glad you had a great time despite the fact when you were trying to leave i can only imagine the utter chaos....wish i lived closer to ya sista.

  3. V,
    You are Truly a Blessing to so many and To Heather and I and all our Twelve Fridays Team! We had such a Great Time and already this morning I am working on Next Event and Cant wait! Congrats on Lilly Bee I had no doubt they would give you that all important call as you My Dear Friend Are One Of The Sweetest Most Talented Gals around! XOXO

  4. Congrats again!!! I had blogger do that to my photos one time. I think it was just blogger being fussy that day cause it's the only time I've ever had a problem. If I deleted the photos and uploaded them again it would take the lines out of one photo and put them in another one.

  5. Wow. So glad you got to have a nice weekend away after all that!!! and another HUGE congrats on Lily Bee!!!!! I'm not surprised in the least that you made it!!!! :)

  6. oh my goodness, congrats!!! I am not surprised at all!!!! :) what an awesome weekend, sounds perfect!

  7. Again, HUGE congrats!! :D I'm so happy for you and proud that I can say I know you!! Love the layouts! Can't wait to see what else you did while you were there!

  8. YESSSS- i knew they couldn't refuse LOL! Your submissions were incredible! it's so wonderful to hear such awesome awesome news and i can't wait to see all your fab layouts- you guys were busy & made amazing things! oh and please let everyone love on you as much as possible- everyone wins :)


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