The terrible layout

Made with a little of the 31st kit and the Mill Street kit from Noel Mignon!
Wanting to remember these moments... reminding myself IN these moments to pray that God uses her strong will to mold her into a leader and resilient young women.

Have you seen the new Limited Edition kits Noel's been doing? They are super cute!

Noel's kits have been flying out the door as soon as pre-sales go up, so I wanted to give y'all a little heads up on the "Dear Santa kit" that is coming soon. The pre-sale starts on the 15th, and Noel's Christmas kits are some of her biggest sellers, so if you're interested in this one, I wouldn't wait around.

Here are the peeks she's been putting up on the message board:

I'm already wanting to put on the Christmas music and brew some hot chocolate! Does one brew hot chocolate? Not sure on the correct terminology with that... lol

Wanna be one of the first notified about new kits?
Send her an email at noel@noelmignon{dot}com. Noel Mignon also has a facebook page HERE. Or you can follow Noel Mignon on Twitter. OR, even better, come and hang out with us on the Message Board!


  1. great LO and such a timely reminder to be praying that God will use those things that are making us crazy right now for His glory! Thank you.

  2. love all the little extra's you put on your layouts!

  3. Loving the "Terrible" layout! Heh...I should do one also. :-)

  4. love it Virg! your attention to details is fabulous!


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