Autumn Decorating

I absolutely love adding touches of every season & holiday to our home decor, but my favorite (or at least, ties with Christmas!) is decorating for fall.

I don't like to do it all in one big project; I love to add things here and there, day by day, as I go along. Savoring the season, as it were.

I just started adding touches of autumn to our home this week, and I decided to start with our bedroom first. I know I'll probably be spending a fair amount of time in here in a few weeks with our new little one, and I wanted to spruce it up first!(Our bedroom door- I love this Southern Living at Home bucket and I change it out with new flowers & decor frequently! That adorable bingo card was made for me last year by a sweet friend who knows my affection for all things Halloween.)

Because our home is so old, the floor plan is rather unique, and our bedroom is right in the middle of the house. We spend a lot of "living time" in our room; it's where our computer is, where the kids & I like to read books together, and functions practically as a living space. I love our old fireplace in our bedroom and wanted to change up the look on the mantel.(Before)


Our bedroom is also a great place for having car races on mommy's huge belly....


  1. ok, the car racing on the belly is the best ;) Love your decorating! I'm about to pull some stuff out myself.

  2. Love your touches of fall!! And love the Woody car!! :D

  3. Love your fall decorating ideas! I really love that window pane too...I've been searching for one just like it!

    Oh and your baby bump...too cute!!

    Jane ~ Finding Fabulous

  4. LOVE the new mantle decor!!! As for the car races...you're a nicer mommy than me!!! loL!! Too funny.

  5. Great belly shots!

    I'm loving the way you did the mantle also! :-)

  6. i am laughing out loud on the car racing on the belly. too cute.

  7. love the new look of the mantel. and the belly pics are cute


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