Pumpkin Patch Pics

(This is a very self-indulgent post of the Cuteness Bonanza that are my kids, so feel free to scroll on by if you are not interested.

I can't imagine anyone not being interested, though. Hee hee)

We made a little trip to a local pumpkin patch (the same one my friend Mandy took her nieces- very cute and low key for small kiddos... those of you local, it's the one in Trussville across from Target).This is what Atticus does when I ask him to hold the pumpkin up by his face so I can take a pic of it.

Whatever, mom.

What a little silly. Oh sorry, did I just get caught up in the cuteness of my kids?

I'm glad I didn't make a long drive to one of the bigger, expensive pumpkin patches, since Sabriel took an accidental nose-dive into a mum during a photo op, and Emerson was mad practically the whole time that her crocs were getting wet with dew on them. Yes, my daughter is a diva and it overwhelms me very much sometimes.

(And for the record, I'm not saying "Oh she's such a cute diva" when really, she's being obnoxious. I just have to take each obstacle & moment as it comes with her. And take lots of deep breaths. And take time to apologize for losing patience with her.)

Once we got home and dry, it was all smiles for a few quick photos. Baby El was none the worse for the wear, and seemed quite content to sit and play with a tiny pumpkin.

I think she must be reading my google reader behind my back, because dang it that looks an awful lot like an "Elsie pose." heheWe're gonna attempt to make Kim's adorable pumpkin cookies tomorrow and have some more fall fun.

We'll see how that goes. ;)


  1. Oh V they are beautiful look how big they've gotten -- and I hear ya on the DIVA thing!

  2. Ah, so sweet!
    That is the perfect place to go with little little ones. Great idea!
    Suprise Suprise, Lana has the same shirt as Em!

    Diva? I could not relate. ;)

  3. they are just adorable - as always! but dang - that Atticus - sometimes a picture is just a picture of him, being a little boy. But sometimes, you get a glimpse at the big boy he'll be - the man he'll be. The one of him holding the pumpkin (not by his face) - he just looks so grown!!

  4. So precious! I just love your photos. And glad you did it. I cannot believe how much bigger Sabriel looks in just a few weeks. Such a pretty little punkin! My favorite photo is the 1st one with Atticus looking through the pumpkin. Funny!

  5. i love pumpkin patch times. looks like the kids had fun. oh thanks for posting the twilight trailer. it was great. i can't wait for the movie.

  6. your kids are just too darn cute! the elsie pose is priceless!

    love the new blog look!

  7. Your kids are totally gorgeous! :-) You are one lucky lady! :-)

  8. Great pictures! Your kids are just toooo cute!!!! :)

  9. Super cute pics! I haven't heard of that patch - I'll have to check it out!


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